80% Off Backgammon Blitz in Steam Lunar Sale!

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Steam sale offers ideal time to discover this classic two-player strategy game.


You can now get a massive 80% off Backgammon Blitz in the Steam Lunar Sale! Take advantage of the incredible limited time discount and discover what makes Backgammon one of the world’s best-loved games. Backgammon Blitz is the only dedicated Backgammon game on Steam and the best-looking Backgammon game anywhere with beautifully rendered, highly detailed game boards offering a truly authentic and immersive backgammon experience.

If you’re new to the game there are easy to learn tutorials included, so there’s never been a better time to check out this timelessly popular game.

Backgammon Blitz is OUT NOW on PC via Steam – 80% discount ends February 12th, 2016.


VooFoo Recognised in Industry Talent Awards

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VooFoo Art Director named in prestigious awards for most accomplished young devs in the games industry.

VooFoo are extremely proud to have our super-talented Art Director named as one of the industries brightest young talents, in Develop Magazine’s ’30 under 30′ awards. Nominated by peers and colleagues, the annual ’30 under 30′ list recognises the most ambitious and accomplished young people in the games industry.


We’re honoured to be recognised alongside some very talented people in such a diverse and creative industry! Congratulations to all nominees and everyone that made the list.


Get Your Hands on the Paradise Chip Set!

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New downloadable content for Pure Hold’em™ – Available this week.

Make the baize pop and keep your opponents guessing with the Paradise Chip Set, for PS4, Xbox One and Steam. Inspired by the bright lights and slot machines of Las Vegas, this neon chip set is the perfect way to make a statement around the poker table.

Paradise City Chip Set

Available now on Xbox One and PS4 – Coming soon to Steam.

Are you all in?



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The Holidays may be over but we’ve an early new year’s treat for you! If you’re a fan of tabletop games, board games or just good old fashioned classics, then this weekend’s rather generous 50% off discount for Backgammon Blitz on PC, via Steam, is for you! To claim your limited time offer simply purchase the game direct from the Nomad Games website, here, using coupon code: BACK50. Offer ends Sunday, 10th January.


If you’ve never tried Backgammon now is the perfect time to find out why millions of people the world over love this timeless strategy game.


[Blog] Brazilian Nuclear Penguins.

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VooFood and Xmas Drinks.

In which we go Brazilian, eat meat, ‘go’ eat lots more meat until we just have to ‘stop’, roll dice, take on tactical nuclear penguins, drink the world’s strongest beer, get all festive at the German market, witness a karaoke singing Santa Claus with broad German accent, listen to live blues and end up where we started doing a bit of singing ourselves. Merry Christmas everyone!





Still here? Well, here’s a Xmas present from us, to you (if you’re quick!)…

Pure Hold’em, Xbox One game code: TPMWM-VGRPW-V6HQR-K2G46-29D2Z


Blogs Away: Ale the Shauns!

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We know. It’s been ages. But, like “Fast” Eddie Felson, we’re back in what can soon accurately only be described as a more ‘regular’ blog spot. There’ll be updates, news, behind the scenes stuff and more, direct from VooFoo displayed for your pleasure right here on these very web pages, so be sure to Subscribe to the Blog to be the first to know!

What better way to kick things off than with a wee celebration! Granted, VooFoo don’t need too much encouragement to don our party hats and blow up a balloon or two, so, with a recent new addition to the team (Sean) and another accumulating two whole years’ service (Shaun), we found ample cause to celebrate.

Canal-side. Brum. #Roundourway.


Birmingham is fun, honest. So, being slightly spoilt for choice we decided to try as many different bars and pubs as possible. Why leave anything to chance?

What time did you say the last train was?


Some of the team like real ale, the rest of us were introduced to ‘Brewdog’ – the home of hardcore craft beers – via the throw of a dice, that’s just how we roll.  The number you roll = the strength of ale you drink. It went better for some than for others, naturally.

Real ale, punks.


As the clock struck 12 some of us scurried off hastily to catch the last train home, others were told to still be drinking merrily until 3am in canal-side karaoke bars or admirably breaking up street fights with their bare hands, like drunken super-heroes. Impressive stuff.

VF sip gently from improbably large glass of ale.





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Morning people, firstly, a quick thank you from VooFoo to everyone who has purchased the Pure Pool Snooker DLC pack. We value and appreciate all the feedback we have received and acknowledge that there have been a few issues that needed to be addressed. We are very pleased therefore to be able to say that an update patch is now live for both Europe and the US, this is for PS4 and Xbox One.

The following issues have been addressed:

  • Colour ball respotting fix – Colours are now respotted correctly. I.e., when respotting a colour they go back on their own spot. If that spot is occupied they go on the next highest value spot available. If ALL Spots are occupied, then they go as close as possible to their own spot.
  • Ball ‘in hand’ fix – If a player fouls and is forced to play again, they do not now get ball ‘in-hand’ option.
  • Colours respotting fix – Colours are now re-spotted in Free Play.

Thanks for your patience with this. We hope these updates are welcomed and that you continue to enjoy the game. Any issues please contact: support@voofoostudios.com




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**BREAKING NEWS!** We are snooker loopy happy to be able to finally announce that the Pure Pool – Snooker DLC pack will be available globally for Xbox One and PC via Steam on Friday 23rd October. The PS4 version is already available for those that purchased the game digitally.

Not wanting to put any spin on it, we are fully aware it’s been a long time coming – even longer than Terry Griffiths takes to get out of a snooker – So we thank you all for your patience. Such nice people that you are.

Cue the trailer > http://tinyurl.com/q92l2zr


The Snooker pack features a pot of great content including a full career mode for all difficulty levels; Amateur, Pro and Master, two new snooker challenge modes (which we know are going to be very popular) and DLC specific trophies, achievements and snooker accolades! Along with new music.

So, don’t miss out. Give it a shot and pocket the Snooker DLC pack from 23rd October. Let us know that you think on the VooFoo Twitter and Facebook pages.